How Bing Copilot Can Help You Take Your Ramadan Experience to the Next Level

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2 min readMar 10, 2024
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In observance of the commencement of Ramadan for Muslims worldwide on Monday, March 11th, 2024, here are six inspiring ideas to elevate your Ramadan experience.

1. Discover Delicious Recipes and Meal Planning:

Leverage Copilot to explore a variety of recipes for Suhoor and Iftar meals, catering to dietary restrictions and preferences. You can ask specific questions like:

“Can you suggest healthy Iftar recipes suitable for [Northern Nigerian] cuisine?”
“What are some quick Iftar meal options for a diabetic patient living in [Northern Nigeria]?”

2. Enhance Your Spiritual Journey:

Copilot can be your guide for local prayer times and connect you with online resources for religious guidance and Quranic recitations. Examples of prompt include:

“What are today’s prayer times in [city]?”
“Can you help me find a Quran recitation for tonight’s Taraweeh prayers?”

3. Prioritize Well-being During Fasting:

Copilot can offer valuable tips on maintaining hydration and energy levels throughout the fasting period. Consider these prompts:

“How can I stay adequately hydrated during Ramadan?”
“What are the best foods to consume for sustained energy while fasting?”

4. Embrace Charity and Community Service:

Seek opportunities to give back during this holy month. Ask Copilot to assist you in finding local charities and community service initiatives by using prompts like:

“Where can I volunteer for community service projects during Ramadan in [city]?”
“Can you recommend reputable charities accepting donations this Ramadan?”

5. Deepen Your Cultural Understanding:

For those seeking to learn more about the significance of Ramadan, Copilot can provide historical and cultural context. Explore these prompts:

“Can you share information about the historical background of Ramadan?”
“What are some Ramadan traditions practiced around the world?”

6. Maintain Productivity Throughout Ramadan:

Copilot can be your partner in maintaining productivity during Ramadan. Utilize its features to summarize emails, draft documents, and manage your calendar. Here are some examples:

“Can you help me draft a Ramadan greeting email for my colleagues?”
“To save time during Ramadan, can you summarize this report for me?”

Do you have any additional suggestions or resources that could be beneficial during Ramadan? Please share them in the comments below — let’s learn from each other and make this Ramadan a truly enriching experience for all.

Wishing you a blessed and fulfilling Ramadan!



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